Emu black starting issue

Hello everyone!

New for the ecumaster. I have volvo 940 with b230 turbo engine (2.3l inline 4) with 2200cc bosch injectors, ign1a coils, oem 60-2 triggerwheel and 1 tooth cam trigger powered by emu black. The problem is it won’t start. I have tried to adjust prime pulse and cranking fuel without luck. When I changed trigger first tooth to 50 car started almost right away and was running about 5 sec then died and won’t start anymore. At cranking there are wasted spark function. Has anyone any solutiom for this?

Here is picture of my trigger settings

Thanks alredy!

Do you have the correct Injector data added? Sometimes it gets overlooked

I think it’s correct but I double check that anyway tomorrow. Thank you for advise! :slight_smile: