Non starting VW BUB with plug in ECU

I have finally finished the R32 golf. I am not managing to start it with the EMU Black, but starts just fine with the old ecu.

The ecu powers up and connects as normal, shows the green status that the computer is connected. Fuel pump primes and I have tested all the outputs, again all perfect.

When I crank the engine over the “NO SYNC” changes to SYNCHRONISED.

I have spark on the outputs when I test them, but no spark when I crank the engine over.

All the mechanical side is OK as the car starts first thing with the original ecu



The engine does not start, most likely due to not pressing the brake pedal. The computer comes with a pre-installed configuration, and it simply requires holding the brake pedal down when starting the engine.



Does the pre-installed configuration prevent the engine from turning over or just prevent the engine from starting? Does the BUB PnP come with a User’s Manual explaining this feature?



This option is an exact copy of the strategy from the stock controller. You won’t be able to start the engine unless you press the brake. This is related to safety.


Stock car started without press the brake. Emublack dont start, but starter work…


I apologize for the misunderstanding, I have checked and indeed, a serial car starts without pressing the brake pedal. In our case, it is different, this is a matter of our internal security. The software has the ability to emulate gear position using a potentiometer. There could be a situation where someone turns off the engine and tries to start it again on the D setting.

In the latest firmware version (2.165) you can enable starting without brake, when the P is selected.


Dear, Jadzwin

Dont work this function. Tested on a3 2005 3.2 and R32 Golf 2007

It is really weird. It is just simple condition, and works on our test Audi.
Could you provide us a log file, when the leaver is on P and the car doesn’t start ?

Jadzwin, I am sorry. We use standart EmuBlack. Sorry again.

For me to get this to work in my Audi A3 8P BUB PNP I had to unassign the brake switch in addition to selecting the check box for the park feature. If I had the brake switch assigned I still had to apply the brake for the engine to start. I chose to leave the brake switch as it’s being used for other functions like cruise and launch.

I can log and verify if required.