Sharing crank sensor bmw ms42/black

I´m trying to use stock ecu Siemens ms42 and black at the same time. Stock hallsensor on crank.
I have split the signal and the black works fine but the ms42 does not seem to read rpm? I´m using the stock instrument cluster but it shows no rpm when car is running.


Could you try the settings from the attachment with the filter turned off and a pull-up resistor? If the above procedure doesn’t work, check if the ground point of the Siemens MS42 and EMU BLACK are in the same location. It’s possible that a potential difference is causing incorrect signal decoding in the stock ECU.


Tried it and the car starts with pullup off. I will check the grounding.

the original bmw rpm sensor does not work with ecumaster, it has been replaced with another sensor

If you see proper signal in EMU you can try to put 10K resistor in series with the signal. Make sure to disable any pullup and filtering in EMU trigger configuration

Will try!.Signal in black is perfect.