Trouble Implementing Fuel Flow Gauge

We’re trying to implement a fuel flow gauge for our Endurance racecar. Fuel Management is KING!

We’re using a FloScan 200 wired up to D1 with a Pull Up resistor across the sensor 12V input and signal wire (per FloScan document?) This in theory should Pull Down the signal to 1v. We don’t seem to be getting any signal on the D1 line using the following input parameters.


We are using an article from Autosport Labs about Fuel Flow Measurement as our reference material. I haven’t been able to troubleshoot much due to time and other higher priorities, but it’s now time to get this sorted.

I’ll be working on wiring, etc this weekend, and looking to ensure I have things wired up correctly before reinstalling the dash and moving on. Rereading the Autosportlabs article it appears they wired the Pull Up resistor from the Control unit 5v to signal, while I currently have it across the 12V input in signal.

Suggestions/thoughts/greatly appreciated.

if is pulling down to 1 v doesn’t reach your threshold 0.5 volt