FlexFuel Custom Channel Source

I am planning out the control/telemetry electronics for a completely custom build and one thing I’ve noticed is that the FLexFuel sensor seems to be the only sensor (apart from Trigger, obviously) where you can’t select the input as a Custom Channel. For physical wiring layout reasons it would be ideal if I could have the Ethenol% delivered via CAN from a 3rd party I/O device, is this an option that is in the pipeline and/or would be trivial to implement or are there reasons why it is never going to happen? Equally useful alternative would be to allow setting source Under “Fuel->Railx->Use Flex fuel ethanol content”.

I still have a couple of months before harnesses are finalized so I’m just hoping for some direction on which way I need to plan on going.

We will add an option to use Custom Channel as a source for Flex Fuel.

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Great! Thank you. I will keep an eye on the release notes.