USB logging wiring

I figured I’d start a separate post instead of asking within another regarding a logging issue found here., where shielding is also brought up.

After first seeing the wiring diagram example pop up recently I noticed the USB logging example is using shielded cable. Nowhere in the wiring diagrams in the support>download section of on either of the full or mini pinouts does it mentioned anywhere that shielded cable is necessary. I’m wrapping up a huge custom SEALED harness and don’t want to have to go back in after heat shrinking has be recovered to re-do a simple mistake such as this. I am using twisted CAN wiring for the D- and D+ terminals, so I’m hoping that is good enough to eliminate any chance of efi hurting the function. The Pro8 is being mounted under the hood and the logging harness goes on a short 16" run to a 4 terminal DTM connector where it’s subharness will continue on and through the vehicles firewall and into the cockpit where I’ll place the panel mounted USB port for convenience sake.

Am I going to have a problem here??

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You are correct. This should be mentioned in more places.
We will update the pinout documents. Thanks for the feedback.

If you have a separate sub-harness for USB only, you should be good. To minimize EMI problems, you can route the USB harness away from any other wiring. Noise current can only be coupled to the USB wires if they are physically close to the noise source.