Vr6 3.6 engine vvti settings

Hi there all,

I am new to ecu master ecus and vr6 engine platforms,

Regarding vvti for vr6 3.6 engine,
Is these maps correct?
for intake cam & exhaust cam, for cam1 & cam2 parameters & vvt cams angles cam1 cam2 i don’t feel vvt is engaged if any one can help i will be thankful.

Here is
Vvt cams angle & Vvt parameters

I swap the solenoid output sams result,
Is vvti cam 1 parameters is intake cam & cam2 parameters exhaust cam or verses?

there could be many reasons: mechanical, electrical or wrong configuration. At first check the outputs wiring and voltage. Do you see cam angles during engine work?

This is not a problem reason, but you have “Maximum retard/advance” value lower than the highest value in the map (40), it would clamp the target.

Thanks brother.
I will try to do what you told me to.