Audi tt 1.8t bam vvt setting

Hello all,

For audi tt 1.8t bam engine
It has only intake side vvt.

Need to understand vvt parameters,
If any one has the knowledge please share

Cam offset meaning the cam best time opening?

Minimum retad/advance how we can determinant theat settings?

Output frequency?
How to configure all these settings

Please check the settings map cam angel.

If any one can share the best settings as well.

Thank in advance

In VAGs 1.8T with oem cams it is good to retard max from idle to ~2500rpm for good fuel efficiency and smoother idle. Just before 2500rpm back to advance for better Nm. From ~5500rpm again retard for good top end power, but with stiffer valve springs and hot cams sometimes this kind of vvti, like in 1.8T, will not respond.

Thanks for the tip kaszlak, what about the cam offset is it correct?
For Oem cams

And 30° minimum & maximum is it safe
& output frequency is it correct?

Thanks an advance sir.

30° is ok, but range of this vvti is about 24-26°. The best way to test it, is just override the DC of solenoid and test max value checking logs. Same way to define precise offset(first from the scope, then testing by overriding DC, then setting it, so your tables corresponds to real advancr/retard).

i have stiffer valve springs and schrick 252/260 cams.
do i see much differents in power and spool time if i reinstall the vvti back in the engine?

@Hussain_bo_Hamad If you found something anywhere please let me know as i’m looking to setup this aswell!

I made one but never tested yet,

It activated from 1500 rpm until 2500 rpm between thes rpm settings -18 digrees.
Then from 2500 rpm until 3800 rpm between thes rpm settings +4 digrees.
So total movement is 22 digrees.

These settings as per of oem cams that’s for sure,but test it and see if your afr gets leaner mean vvti settings is ok if its not making any changes in afr that’s mean your advance is not making any power.

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No difference in max power output if cams are set properly for power; but smoother idling and mid range may increase hp and Nm noticeably.

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