Wiring Diagram Available for EMU BLACK v2

Dear Ecumaster Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of a new example wiring diagram specifically designed for EMU BLACK setups with 4 cylinders, Drive By Wire (DBW) throttle, and dual camshafts.

This diagram is intended to simplify the wiring process, providing a clear and well-organized guide to assist users in their installations. It’s a general reference and starting point for wiring your EMU BLACK system.

Please note that specific pin assignments may vary based on your individual components and configuration. This diagram is suitable for V2 software. The V3 version will be available soon.

Download the new wiring diagram from Wiring_Diagram_Example_4_cylinders_EMU_BLACK.pdf (0.4 MB).

We encourage you to share your feedback and questions in the comments below. Additionally, if you have specific wiring requests for future diagrams, please let us know.

Thank you for being part of the Ecumaster community!



As stated AUX 2 do not have flyback diode so i don`t think it is ok to use it to drive a relay.

Hi, still there is no information given about the use of Diodes and Pull-up resistors. I am trying to understand the wiring but do not understand where and why the pull-up resistors and diodes are needed as in the stock ECU they are not needed? Can someone please clear this concept to me and help me understand and how to calculate which resistance I would need please?

Thank you for your comment. Since the signal isn’t PWM, it’s safe to use the output without a flyback diode.

Thank you for your comment and your interest in learning so to clarify:

  1. The diagram offers a practical starting point, not a comprehensive wiring guide
  2. Stock ECUs are integrated into specific systems, unlike universal ECUs like the EMU Black, which require user configuration.
  3. Understanding resistor values and diode placement involves basic electronics principles. Maybe consider some course on wiring/electronics to gain a deeper understanding.

We’re happy to assist you in the future!

B17,B24 GND?
G17,G24 is a mistake?

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Thank you for bringing the error to our attention. We’ll fix it.