Red Audi/VW coilpacks

Hi. I will try to get my Emu working with xxx 905 115 x coils. Are those all the same, regardless from xxx and x in the part number? How to configure EMU Classic to use them? I heard, that low impedance output is needed to drive them, but it’s counterintuitive for me, is that correct?

For the non R8 coils (pn ends in 115) there are many variants, they were signified by an alphabetic character at the end of the number. If youre buying a quality OEM replacement from Bosch or Denso then you’ll be getting the latest and greatest version. FYI the red R8 ones end Part number ends in 800 but at this stage the red and black coils are essentially the same aside from colour.

They are smart coils, they are 4 wire and can be connected directly to the EMU and configured as “coils with a built in amplifier” in the software. You do not need an ignitor

Thank you for this reply.
I was sure, that those coils have ignitor built in, but confused by someone telling, that said ignitor must be driven with a unusually high current. I guess, that i confused it with supply current.

To be honest i don’t need top of the line spark, but i’m messing around to learn as much as possible the least fancy way possible - i plan to set up Honda D16 with 13 years old OE audi coils as those regularly pop up for like 10EUR each :>
Today i learned, that coil will reach spark plug, but only with no top rubber seal and with minor tweaks of body it will seat completely

i would go with k20 coils instead, much cleaner install and better suited coils for the honda platform

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