[2JZGEnonVVTiEmuBlack&PnP adapter] The engine warning light came on

Today the engine was not running well and after cranking it for a long time, it started anyway.

After idling for about 10 minutes, I noticed that the engine warning light was on.

Is there any way to check the cause from EmuClient?

Maps and logs.2JZGE(nonVVTi) warning light - Google Drive

Hi !
in you map no CEL output assigned. it lighted not from ecu.
in log no error code/
in log - not exist first cold start

What is CEL output?
Are there any settings to be made?

I feel that the engine warning light comes on easily after the engine has warmed up.
When the engine warning light comes on, I feel uncomfortable when I start stepping on the accelerator pedal. (Breathing?).
When the engine warning light comes on, the RPM is low and vibrates when the engine is restarted.
When the engine warning light comes on, the car sometimes stalls when the accelerator pedal is off.
There is no problem during acceleration or driving.

look here 2JZ_JZA80 MK4-GS300 Non-VVT - Google Drive

2jz-gte ? pnp adapter pinout (?? check it in output test mode, is aux3 lights CEL - check engine light)

if aux3 - make CEL blink, then assign it in you map


The adapter is attached to the following with WBO and wideband knock sensor.

Aux3 is already used in the following basemap

2024-01-03 194435

Is there any data input from “Analog In #4”?

Looking at the “Inputs assignment” I don’t see anything.

Is it safe to use Aux3 for “Check engine light”?

dont know. try ask tech@ecumaster.com