3rd party d.i.y device?


I’ve been thinking a little bit.
My steering wheel has multiple oem functions, that I’ll probably loose, I also have a middle screen that I’ll loose it’s functional.

I believe with the canswitch board I’d be able to gain back the usefulness of the steering wheel.

But the screen
I’m thinking what if I could mod the screen, get like a Raspberry pi or something to it,
Is there a way to get a 3rd party unit to talk to the Ecumaster pro or emu via cam bus and change some viarables on the “fly”? :thinking:

The OEM screen shows some settings, time, some engine management, backing up sensors.

By any means I’m no programmer or coder, or engine tuner, but I do believe with some helping hands of my friends and ai maybe :rofl:

Loose thoughts

if no programmer - end think about it, sleep well.

if you OEM devices use can bus for comminication - you could use cansniffer and track CAN protocol of you car, and may be try to use some byte sends from ECUM native or thru some thing like arduino/ESP32 and other such MC with can bus capabilities or shields.

if programmer, and have no problem with soldering - all in you hands.
search on github for CAN proto of ECU, project and make you own device…

im too lazy, im use this device for watch data from ECU:

or - very simple - use RealDash

That’s useful info, very handy to know.
I’d gather information start learning.
Throwing info shouldn’t be that hard seen some github pages, people even started reverse engineer some codes :saluting_face:

Showing data on the screen can be done lovely.

Now how about sending data back to the Ecumaster.
Shouldn’t be hard on my mind goes that it would be a 4D map defined by the “X” device.

Getting gui and other stuff is not for this group of course. I’ll grab myself a esp32 or an atmega and start to code something

Thanks for the reply that was very helpful

not much, but could use: can-switches, can analog and some speed data:

That might actually work. I’ll buy some stuff, do firstly my engine swap splice some harnesses, once the car is running I’ll get into the mods and start prototyping.

Talk quickly to a friend and he said a esp32 might be too “weak” and a STM32 might be a better option, or else go a master slave route. We’ll talk about it later on

Any thanks alot !!

i have DIY can switch board, just for additional switch buttons, based on very tini arduino controller MH-Tiny and can shield. May be weak, but much more speedy, in compare with ECU swith inputs :slight_smile:

I was thinking to go the easy route and buy the can switch. But, I could potentially just use the MCU to do it all. You sir are a legend