Abarth 500 1.4 T-JET 630cc


I mounted an emublack on a fiat 500 abarth euro 5 with a wiring adapter box.

Compared to the original, the car only has 630cc injectors - 0280158123 (and other changes that make no difference at the moment).

To maintain the idle speed with an AFR of 14.3, it needs values ​​above 90% in the VE table.

After calibrating the DBW (original), if I accelerate the car the mixture is too lean and it shuts off. I’ve already tried putting values ​​of 200% and 300% in the VE table in the area where it turns off and I absolutely can’t get the car to accelerate.

Can anyone help?
I will upload the file I am using on my emublack.


do you setup lag time for injectors?
try use from

could you upload you map from ecu ?

I have got abarth and 0280158123 too, Could you set your injectors on injectors wizard ?
first of all, injection wizard, injectors size, and injection angle