New PMU software version 101.0-exp

Dear Ecumaster Community,

We’re pleased to announce the release of the experimental PMU software version 101.0-exp!

This update introduces several new features:

  • Support for the new “5x3MT Ecumaster with 2 encoders” keyboard. Comprehensive documentation is available to assist you in maximizing its capabilities: How-to_Configure_5x3MT_Keyboard_in_PMU.pdf.
  • Introduction of Auto-saved Channels.
  • New Lookup 5 operation for Numbers (similar to Lookup2/3/4)
  • UI enhancement: a new Configuration Panel consolidates all global firmware settings into one panel.

For more details, see the changelog.
You can download the software from

We value your feedback! Dive into the latest features and let us know what you think.

Best regards,
Ecumaster Team

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Autosaved channels save interval is limited by EEPROM?
I´d suggest to make 2min “minimum interval” a lot longer and only accept memory save if condition 1 or 3 is true.
Condition 2 only when user accepts time based interval saving to eeprom.