Audi A3 P8 R32 File pro 8

Anybody has a file for pro8 that they Wanne share

A3 p8 r32 turbo DSG ?

Looking for base file to get started faster .
Switching from plugin r32 ecu to pro8 because of limitations.
i have my basemap of black. car whas fully finished. but i have canbus board now and alle kind of extensions. want to have just 1 ecu that runs the complete engine and the DQ500. car runs 700hp 1000nm
looking to get a start file so i can go from there. instead of starting of scratch.

Here you have the project from old EMU PRO version 93, it should work with a new Client version. It is roughly tuned, but the engine works.

audi_a3_vr6_20230427.emupro (23.8 KB)

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Hi extra question.

The car is a3 8p r32 with dq500

So i out all settings from black in pro8

Only cars dashboard i only have vw canstream.

So i select vw.
Engine code 33
But vehicle can version whas 2C

I cannot enter this in pro . What do i enter ??

Values in PRO are in decimal. Values in BLACK are in hex.

I will change the display mode to hex in the next beta version in PRO.

For now, set:

  • VW CAN version to 44 (equal to 2C in hex)
  • Engine code to 51 (equal to 33 in hex)

Be aware that if you use a DSG gearbox, you must also set those values in the Drivetrain/Gearbox category.

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