Audi tt bam engine firing order

Hi there all,

I am new to ecu master ecus and audi bam 1.8 engine platforms,

Firing order 1 3 4 2
Ignition out cranking & fuel injectors phase
Is these correct?
any one can help i will be thankful.

Here is parameters below i put number in image for reference,
wich one correct 1 or 2

1 is correct, but before you need to test outputs “Output tests” do they match. And firing order 1342 is correct.

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No…2 is correct.
Injector/cyl 1 = Ignition event 1
Injector/cyl 3 = Ignition event 2
Injector/cyl 4 = Ignition event 3
Injector/cyl 2 = Ignition event 4
Had this setting wrong in the first months of useing my engine.
Impact is small…u will see less smooth lambda after transient states with the wrong setting. Try both and u will see the difference if u look closely.

Thanks edgars👌🏼,

For explanation.

Thanks sir what you explain correspond for image 1.

This is what is confusing me.
For injection phase,
They claimed the injectors phases fallow ignition cranking events.

No…what i explain corresponds to ur 2…read it carefully
The SW is very confusing in this point…it is much better in V3