AUX 1/2 frequency output

How can I send the frequency output to e.g. an electric power steering or is it even possible ?

Actually there is one option to send variable freqency signal.
It is CLT freq output, where frequency changes based on CLT.

Are you sure you want to change frequency not a pulse width ?

Yes , it simulates a speed pulse 30hz - 720hz .
Opel Corsa’s EPS needs it

First of all, are we talking about ADU outputs?

If not, we have to move the topic.

If yes, it is possible to output frequency from ADU outputs, but there are limitations. The maximum frequency you can output is 250 Hz (4 ms period), and the period must be a multiple of 2 ms. Possible frequencies are 250, 167, 125, 100, 83 Hz, and so on (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ms periods).

What you can do is output constant frequency. You can also have a switch to change between different frequencies. But you are limited to 250 Hz maximum, so not all power steering levels will be available.

The CLT freq output Jadzwin mentioned is an option in EMU. The frequency in that strategy is limited to 120 Hz maximum.

Ok thanks yes it’s ADU or EMUBlack, This is a real shortcoming my other car has an AEM ecu and it does it easily. how is EMU PRO?

Yes, EMU PRO can do it.
There are custom outputs that can be set in frequency mode.
Frequency is set in a fully configurable table where you can use any axis you want.

What power steering controller are you using? Some aftermarket ones can take a PWM output which a Black can do