Basefile EMU Classic Citroën C2 VTS Injectors

I’ve transplanted Citroën C2 1600 16V engine in my Saxo and now face some difficulties starting it (it just doesn’t want to). One of the things I noticed is that my injectors aren’t in the list. They are Bosch 0280158059 and the ECU keeps telling me they are Siemens DEKA 578. Also the coil (Sagem 96 363 378 8) keeps changing to a double fire coil but 3x…
Does anybody have experience or can shine a light on this?
I would like to upload my files but “new users can’t…”

Wizard just fills table for dwell and dead time doesn’t stay what was selected…

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Wizard is only serving as a “MENU” list for applying the characteristics to the corresponding tables in the tuning menus. Thats why its reverting back to the first on the list each time you click on it .
It does NOT mean your current setting are the one you see on that particular menu. The wizards exist only on your tuning software not in the ECU. ECU only keeps the values from the tables e.t.c.

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Hi, it seems I have an error in my cranking signal.
It claims that there are unexpected missing teeth.
Now this is very inconsistent. Sometimes I miss 1, then 2 or none at all during cranking. Any ideas?