Bike ITB with DBW - EMU Black

Good Morning All,

Curently in the process of installing a EMU Black into my 1982 mini, with C20XE and ITB.

As my ECU can do DBW, I’ve been looking into bikes that come with DBW ITB’s (2021 GSX-S1000, 2014 BMW S1000R as examples). What information will i need to locate in order to ensure compatibility with the EMU Black that will be controlling them.

Any pit falls i need to look out for PID information etc?

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Have seen guys using the BMW E46 s54 M3 throttle actuator on itb projects with success.
The actuator connects to the itb linkage.

Have done Gen3 Hayabusa on Black, and although not what you are after, KTM1290 Superduke. I think most would work

Thank you for confirming!

I have found a pin out & service manual with the expected voltages etc for the GSX-S and that suggested it would work. But your confirmation is worth its weight in gold.

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i did consider using a separate motor on my existing ITB, but I can get a full ITB set up for <£200 with all sensors, actuators, injectors on it. Ive not found the separate motors anywhere near that cheap!