Bluetooth for EMU PRO 8?

I want to use my tablet as a dash like I can do on EMU BLACK with the Bluetooth module.

But is this also possible with EMU PRO 8?

Does it have Bluetooth built in or is it possible to use the Bluetooth module for it?
The description of the Bluetooth module seems like it only mentions support for EMU BLACK.

It is on TODO list.


Is there an estimated date on that?
Iā€™m deciding ECU for a build that should be ready this summer, and using an Android tablet is a must.

EMU PRO will use our existing BT-CAN module.

We will add the support in the EMU PRO before summer for sure.

Thanks, so it would be the exact same module as EMU Black uses as I understand it.

Thanks, having this forum is great!

Yes. The same modules that BLACK uses now will be compatible (the CAN version).

@Mike Support for the BT CAN module has been added in version 103.

Thanks for keeping me updated, this really shows the value of this forum!

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