Boost control Emu Pro 8


I’m having something strange with my setup, cant get the boost control to work, whatever i do to the map the DC output is 5%. When the boost is 60kpa and the target is 100kpa nothing happens. When i invert the solenoid boost goes sky high so everything works fine. I’ve added a map and log, i hope someone can help me.
It will be something simple but i can’t find it. :frowning:

map and log

Mk2 golf with a 2.5T GTX3076R and DQ250

Hey, that sounds like your “solinoid invert” is the wrong way round and your Margin (Control, Pressure, Activation, Margin below / Margin above) is doing the corection of the DC. Try to set the Margin below on -500kpa and the Margin above on +500kpa and try in whitch invert direction your solinoid is working.

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It worked!!! Thanks a lot Martin!!! Boost makes the car and me happy!!!