EMU Pro 8 Boost Control Setup

Just started to have a play with doing the initial setup of the EMU Pro 8 for a turbo 4 cylinder, and just trying to workout how to assign outputs for the required boost control solenoids.
It looks like the Actuator (wastegate control) setup seems fairly straight forward.

However if I select the correction source as ‘Pre-throttle boost pressure’ I would have assumed there would be an additional option to provide a solenoid input for a blow off valve controller also?

I’m sure there will be simple answer to this, as I’m very new to this software. Thanks

This is not a “correction source”. You are looking at the settings tree incorrectly. This setting is used to select the boost target type. In other words, you select whether the boost strategy controls the manifold pressure, pre-throttle pressure, or turbo speed.

There are no dedicated settings for the electronically controlled blow-off valve. You can do it with custom outputs.

Do you have an example of a blow-off valve control strategy from other ECUs?
Can you describe how you would like this strategy to work?

Initially (step 1), I am simply trying to replicate the OEM setup, which uses 2 solenoids. One on the wastegate, and one on the recirculation valve (CRV or BOV), so I am trying to work out how to configure that in the ECU software, and determine which pinouts to use, so that I can manufacture the wiring harness correctly.

Later on (step 2), once I upgrade the turbo, I was intending to use a turbo speed sensor. My intention would then be to use the speed sensor, with a closed loop wastegate control to try and maintain or limit turbo speed. Calculated wastegate opening should be between 5% and 42%, based on current assumptions to maintain turbo speed in its ‘happy’ zone. This may be also coupled with some extra fuel and spark to create a basic anti-lag system, but I’m not too concerned about this yet.
Manifold pressure would be controlled by the CRV to maintain the correct boost target, alternatively (step 3), I could use one of the remaining DBW outputs on the ECU to drive a small 32 or 40mm throttle body to have closed loop control of manifold pressure independent of the wastegate control. The map for this would be based off the target and actual manifold pressures with an output in TP. This would probably be a custom map and strategy later on when I’m feeling bored.

Right now, I’m simply focusing on Step 1, to get the original solenoids connected and functioning as intended.

U use ur WG actuator for closed loop boost control.
The OEM blow off valves are simple on/off valves and should be opened when u release throttle after high load to keep the turbo on speed. Simple control would be a function on if map < ca.1 bar or target boost=0.
Ur other plan is way to complex. There is no benefit in doing it like that…probably just in theory.