CAM toothed wheel with missing tooth

Good Afternoon,
It’s the first time that I use the emu black and I’m figuring out if it’s possible to use only one sensor for getting the CAM syncronization. I’vould like to install a 60 -1 tooth wheel on the camshaft. I’ve seen on the software that there is this option but there aren’t examples or descriptions in the help section. Have you ever try to use this kind of trigger ? Thank you in advance for your precious answer.

I have used but option with additional tooth and working fine you just need to make sure in primary trigger number of teeth is half what’s on distributor

How big is the wheel diameter? Typically a 60 tooth wheel has 2 missing teeth to ensure the ecu sees the gap at all speeds.
Hall effect sensor vs a VR sensor can also effect this.

The feature for “wheel mounted on cam” mostly works the same as on crank, in the past we had to lie to the ecu and 1/2 the number of teeth etc, so thankfully the developers added this to make it simpler to set up.
the best setup is still (and always will be) separate sensors on the cam and crank

as always take a trigger scope and check timing with a timing light to make sure the ecu is seeing synchronization before starting for the first time