BMW E30 M3 116tooth Trigger + cam Trigger possible?

Hi ECU Master Community,

Is it possible to use the 116toth Trigger on Flywheel with the 2 sensors (TDC on Flywheel + 116 tooth on Flywheel) and ad an Cam sensor to be able to use sequential Ignition and injection?

Regards Christian


In Audi trigger what is quite similar to bmw e30 trigger the cam sensor input masks the pin on the crankshaft in one of the cycle revolution.

What would be the best solution is just to add 36-2 or 60-2 custom trigger wheel and add the cam sensor.

Hmm that is pity,

i thougt this will work with:
Primary Trigger BMW 116teeth
Secondary Trigger: 1 tooth(the one on Flywheel)
Cam #2 : Prim Trigger tooth range

Or something like this.

it would be much Cleaner engine Optics without adding an 60-2 Wheel to the Front hub.

How to set it up with standard Wasted Spark an Batch injection?