Porsche 129 + 1 Trigger Wheel

How can I configure the primary trigger for 84-89 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2.
It uses two VR sensors - one on the 129 teeth wheel the other just side by side but with just 1 tooth (full 360 deg turn indication).
N+1 allows only maximum 60 teeth…

Black/Classic has Porsche 129 teeth trigger wheel in the drop down list (but not described in the contextual help). Planned initially on Black, but will go with Pro with that engine.

Many thanks.

It’s not possible yet.
We have plans to add the high-count triggers from Porsche/Audi.

How do you want to run this engine?
Distributor, wasted spark, or full sync?

There is one issue with running in full sync, and that is the need for three sensors.
You would need both sensors from the crank and an additional one from the cam.
EMU PRO trigger system is designed with two sensors in mind, so adding an option to use three sensors is more complicated than usual.

Have you considered changing the trigger wheel on the crank? There should be 60-2 trigger kits on the market for that engine. Then, you can run it in full sync with two sensors without needing an update.

I wanted to use the stock trigger wheel. Addon 60-2 on pulley is costly.
Full sync and COP.

You need a camshaft sensor for full sync.
Are you putting the sensor in place of the distributor?

Oh no!
I also planed to install an EMU Black to such an engine as a OEM ECU replacement, since the original ECU is broken.

Have you planed to add these triggers wie V3?

Or do you think it is possible the run the engine with the stock trigger wheel, Distributor and batch injection?

This topic is about EMU PRO.

EMU Black has support for that trigger.
You can run the OEM setup with two sensors on the crank and distributor.

Oh, didn’t see that.
Sorry, my bad… :see_no_evil:

I will use VR sensor on CAM for full sync.
Also 12 Spark plugs (two per cylinder).

EDIT: Attaching photo of the CAM sync sensor. This is a regular VR sensor (2 wire + shield) installed at the back of the camshaft in the camshaft tower. Camshaft has a deep notch at the back, that will trigger slope change when rotating.

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