CAN IDs used for PC connection


i use CAN1 also to shift some data between ECUs (trafic is very low).
To not run into a CAN conflict while PC is connected…can u plz tell me the CAN IDs, which are/can be used for PC connection, that i can avoid them?
Thx a lot.

EMU PRO, ADU and PMU use CAN IDs 0x012 to 0x17.

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I want to add some more details to the Maciej answer.

Both ADU and EMU PRO also use the Light Client protocol: CAN IDs 0x32,0x33,0x34,0x35.

For users, we are recommending to use:
0x500-0x50F and 0x520-0x57F.

From the EMU PRO Software Guide page 41: