Can we get expanded battery isolator current limits?

It would be very helpful to have options like in the PMU to allow a peak current value and time period and then a steady state limit before an over-current shutdown.

Use case would be to have a peak limit for engine starter operation, and then after the time period to reduce to something more realistic for the rest of the vehicle electrics.

In my case I have a high compression LS3 and lithium battery that the battery isolator reports as using 596A peak and then after start down in the 100A range. So I have the shutdown set to 700A to allow the engine to start.

Would love this. Even if it needs a CAN message to differentiate starter trigger state or something.
A way to disable low voltage protection as well, I know the risks but when its race day and you gotta do what you gotta do even with a weaker battery it would be nice to have.

I agree. Has anybody seen where the isolator could not be used at all? The starter will fault overcurrent, as will turning on the fans. All wiring is high quality high strand with hydraulically crimped lugs. There has to be something else going on I just cant find it. But I will say the fans should not be faulting over current. I have measured the inrush of both fans at the same time at 150a for around .1sec and then level off (logging with the PMU) Everything is fine when I use mechanical cutoff switch. I will be getting back on the phone Monday with tech. I just found this forum so I figured I would see what others have encountered.

what firmware is on the battery isolator? I had a similar issue and the isolator had to be sent out for repair… Chris at Ecumaster USA will be able to help you!

Firmware 3.0. Chris has been helping me figure this out and I’ll be getting in touch with him tommorow. Not tryin to go around him. With it beeing a weekend and finding this forum I figured I would give it a shot. Just looking for ideas at this point.

Set the current limit to the max and see what happens? What does the batt isolator read for peak current?

This morning after checking everything over again I still could not find an issue on my end. I loaded 3.2 firmware and the overcurrent issues are gone!


Had a customer issue over the weekend with their battery isolator. I updated the firmware to 3.2 and turned out I needed to re-adjust the over current setting so that the engine could start when cold. I think 3.2 may have changed the current reading accuracy as I had to raise it.
the peak current parameter on light client was pretty key to calibrating it.
The problem just as stated above is the setting is now basically maxed and isn’t a very effective circuit breaker in any scenario outside of the starter turning.
If there was a feature that changed the over current at 14v even would be great, though a start signal via CAN would be best imo.