Isolator Load Dump at startup

Today I connected my isolator for the very first time. I am having issues though…

As soon as I connect the isolator I am getting rapid red flashing on the LED and the light client is saying that it is in load dump mode.

All I have done so far is connect the battery. I have not started up my PDM or anything else in the car. Funny thing is that even though I have nothing else running I am seeing between 0 and -4 amps as the current draw. It just goes straight into Load Dump when I connect the battery.

I am running firmware version 3.1. I see in a different topic that there is a 3.2 version available but I can’t find it anywhere and Light Client isn’t showing any available updates.

One more thing… I still have 12v on both sides of the isolator even though I have turned on power save mode and the isolator LED turns off.

To be honest, I haven’t heard about such case that it broke without any load connected.
When Battery Isolator is in Load Dump mode, the output should be turned on, however in OFF state there could be some voltage if there is nothing connected to, as it is a solid-state relay.

  1. Connect a simple load to the output, (e.g. light bulb) and check again.
  2. Measure the resistance between BATT and OUT connectors when the Battery Isolator is turned off. There should be about 30 kOhms.

It seems like you have the isolator connected backward.
One side is for the battery, and the other is for the load.
They are labeled in the module enclosure.
You can’t swap them around.