CANbus Keyboard, Connect to PMU or ADU

I have a PMU24, ADU7as and a CANbus keypad. What is the best practice to connect them? Also on CAN1 will be ECU, battery isolator and GPS.

ADU, PMU and CANbus keybad on CAN1 (I undertand I’ll need to change the default speed of the keypad to 1MB)

CANbus keypad on CAN2 connected to PMU and export to CAN1

CANbus keypad on CAN2 connected to ADU and export to CAN1

CANbus keypad on CAN2 connected to PMU and ADU (ADU and PMU can1 and can2 connected together?

I typically put the keypad on CAN 2 of the PMU and export to CAN 1.
I like having the rest of the devices on the same network at the USBtoCAN as you can use LightClient to diagnose communications if needed, so CAN 1 for everything else.

All of those scenarios can work but I find this way easiest, if a keypad ever needed to be replaced there’s no programming of speed to do. Changing speeds isn’t hard but its a bit annoying unless you have a benchtop way to do it.
You can connect CAN 2 on ADU and PMU together yes

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If your keypad is natively in 500kbps I’d connect on CAN 2 and connect both ADU/PMU to it. Regardless of where you put it, think about adding an “On/On” switch between you two CAN circuits and your USB/CAN device. I did this and now, I can switch between the two circuits to use Light Client to analyze either BUS line.