Coil packs smoking

Hi, i have a EMU Black in a Audi S4 b6 with a vr6 turbo swap, my coil packs are smoking when engine is turned over, we have tripple check the engine harnesses pun out and all is ok. My tuner is saying it looks like coil pack drivers need repairing, i sid have the laptop with me today to check, will be plugging the laptop in tomorrow and running test’s. What is the price for repairs on emu black?.
Thank you

coil packs smoking usually a bad sign.

What are the dwell times set to? are they set to “coils with internal ignitor” in the ignition outputs parameters?

Hi, thank you for your reply. I will ask my tuner tomorrow when we run some tests, we had it running a few times, i have been away from it for a few weeks. All i have done since is fix a vaccum leak and tried restarting and all 6 coil packs started smoking on turnover. We had the multimeter out today test toom for 12v and continuity on coil packs and ignition loom and all was ok. He thinks its the drivers for the coil packs in the emu black itself. Taking the laptop to plug in so he can test them before sending ecu off for repair.

It’s extremely unlikely that all ignition outputs got broken at the same time.
Unless the ECU was flooded.

I think you have to understand the issue better.
I recommend taking the ECU out of the car, connecting it on the bench with minimum wiring, a single ignition coil with a spark plug, and performing an output test to check if a spark can be generated.

Which VW coil packs are you using ???
The 4 pin vw coilpacks have 2 different pinouts that can catch you out.

  1. Common/engine ground
  2. Common/engine ground
  3. +12V
  4. Spark trigger


  1. 12v
  2. Common/engine ground
  3. Spark trigger
  4. Common/engine ground

Hi, coil packs are vw W8 one’s and all in correct pin outs.

We ran some tests the other day, and all coil packs tested out ok and ticking.
We did find the starter motor has just died and battery was dead and a loose pin in engine harness connector. Hopefully the new starter arrives next week and we can give it another try.
Car has previously fired up and run.
Thank you for all the help and suggestions.:pray::pray:

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