Coolant Fan PWM controlled - coolant temp X-Axis

like to control my new PWM enabled Fan. (EMU Classic)
I changed the scale of x-axis in “PWM #1 CLT scale” to focus on the Range between 90 and 110 degrees.
Works fine - until I recognize the change of x-axis also had effect on the x-axis of “idle ref table” (for example) this made my engine running worse.

Is there a possibility to detail the x-axis in “PWM #1 CLT scale” without changing this scale for other configs?


Instead of using 'PWM #1 CLT scale, just use the PWM #1 table and configure the X axis to be CLT. That table is not shared, you can adjust to your liking.

no, unfortunately this does not help. even when changing the scale in “PWM #1 table”, all other configs are reduced to the range 90-110 degrees Celsius.
(Software Version 1.225)

I stand corrected, so it does affect the axis.

I do not have a solution for this.

hm, anyone else have any ideas?
I would like to use the Ecumaster for the control and not install additional sensors and controls.
Is it possible to separate the CLT scale at “PWM #1 CLT scale” in the software? It might require some memory, but I think others might be interested.

I’m also interested in utilizing a PWM table for my cooling fan. Following for updates!

Very nice, that makes me happy.
First of all, I reduced my clt scale, which now ranges from 10 to 110 degrees Celsius. Summer mapping :wink:
This allows me to roughly control the range above 90 degrees, but very roughly. The fan increases its speed as soon as the thermostat opens :frowning:
Hopefully there is another solution where I can control the range above 90 degrees in a dedicated and detailed way.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but it seems like reinventing the wheel?

Check the link, below.