New EMU PRO software version 110.0 beta

We’re happy to announce the release of the EMU PRO 110.0 beta software update, packed with exciting new features, improvements, and bug fixes designed to elevate your engine management experience.

The major change in this version is the correction of Primary trigger decoder ‘36-2-1: Mitsubishi EvoX’:
Prior to firmware version 110.0, the spark was retarded by 10 degrees on two cylinders.
After the upgrade, please check: base ignition table (Ignition Angle Base) and per-cylinder corrections (Ignition Correction Per cylinder)

New Features:

  • Rolling Launch Control Strategy
  • Cruise Control Strategy
  • Addition of Custom correction table for Ignition
  • Custom channels can be selected as a source for the Flex Fuel sensor
  • New primary triggers support:
    • Mitsubishi 3A92 (36-2-1-1)
    • 2*(30-2) configuration


  • Improved VW cruise control functionality with support for steering wheel buttons
  • Added support for right-clicking the Smart Grid panel for easier navigation and improved user experience

Download the EMU PRO 110.0 beta software today and explore the power of these advancements! We highly value your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions for future development.
To download the software visit:

The Ecumaster Team


Hmm, nice. I think with this I can now make my second LC strategy for my “burnout mode” :slight_smile:


Please check ventilator Control.

When airconditioning is on its not overwriting fan percentage.

Delta temp needs to be lower.
Ac should over rule Delta temp so fan go on.

@KCPerformance I assume you’re considering PWM controlled fan?

Everything works as expected.
The duty cycle of the fan requested from the Air conditioning strategy is displayed in the: Vehicle Air conditioning Requested fan speed channel.
It is based on the Sensors Air conditioning pressure and proportional to the range between Vehicle Air conditioning Activation Pressure min and Vehicle Air conditioning Activation Pressure max.
Outputs/Coolant fans/Coolant fan X/Activation/Activate when air conditioning active must be checked for given coolant fan. Moreover, you can set the Duty cycle min parameter. When the air conditioning is active, the duty cycle of the fan will be no less than this value.

Delta temp is set in the Outputs/Coolant fans/Coolant fan X/Activation/Temperature target error min parameter.


Yes that all works.

But when you have a Audi a3 you have airco fan request percentage. I need to be able to tell the ecu to over Write the fan percentage if ac request percentage is higher.

If current engine temp is to low. Fan wont do anything.

I want to use airco pressure as idle correct axis.
I can only use this axis with a value lower then 1200kpa thats only 12bar. I need idle correction between 8bar and 20 bar.

Did anybody have a turbo engine running pro8 with dsg ? How can i tune the blip ? Its not working for me.
The example file doesnt show anything about blip
There is no help. I would need a bit more information
Thank you.

Ps i found a way to get idle correction based on. Steering angle rate and airco pressure in project tree.

But please try to use airco pressure on any table as axis highest you can go is 1200… Instead of 3200.

There is something strange.

In last release i cant open blip base table on the left.
I cant find any of above tables in the left

I can open a panell and then put table there.

I got my dq500 quite good with emu black.

But This is whole different definition of tuning dsg.
And it looks great we have all these settings now.
But i need a little bit more explanations
And if i could see all tables in left colom.
I would have a better idea what the value do’s
Some of them have no unit with them
And no axis yet… So its a bit of guess.

Beside that. Its strange to have blip tables tuned on gear and rpm… Better get target rpm error and current rpm. Or current gear

Om other ecus i find target rpm error and rpm target working quite well for me. As you have the error getting smaller. And the target rpm gives you a bit more reference to give more blip for bigg error and high targets. Or less because high rpm boosted engine revs easier .