Dsg canbus settings


I have a dq250 in a non vag car.
But i have starting blocked by gearbox safety condition (-4)

The gearbox is from a diesel 1.9tdi or 2.0tdi
2006-2008 i think.

I have no idea what i need to fill in for canbus settings so i dont get this fault.

This is details of the gearbox software

00000701160797 TFK-03016.01.070450801085010797
SW: v0696L0302ea__getriebe_DSG_eQ6L
HW: 02E927770AE C300001
VAG: 02E300043S

I don’t think this is related to the gearbox itself.
This means ECU blocks the engine start.
Usually because of clutch or brake signal.

Post the project and log file with the issue recorded.
There is no way to help you without more information.


It is seeing the brake.

Seeing neutral/ park from lever its saying block by transmission safety.

When it turn gearbox to none. Car start no problems. Then i put it back to dsg when engine runs. And i can drive.

2024_0702_1650 start with and without dsg.emuprolog (143.0 KB)

BTW when i send out canstream. for “car” VW
but there is nothing except DSG
the DSG works drives.and gearbox i have set None …

if i set gearbox to setting DSG
and can vehicle NONE it doesnt drive

what should i do ? in emu black we set vehicle to VW and DSG to golf 5 R32 and it works perfect.
saab 9-5 ng dsg v1.5 - kopie.emupro (27.6 KB)

I think it’s because of the gear sensor.

ECU has to see neutral or park to allow cranking.

Change the gear sensor source to “Gearbox strategy”.

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