EDL-1 vs USB logging via the ADU

Can anyone tell me which is best for logging engine data and GPS data.

I currently have the ADU with a USB stick connected but only a small amount of ECU (black) data is saved. I was under the impression it would log everything on the bus?

Also are ECU master planning to update the EDL-1 anytime soon? As I ordered my GPS unit earlier this year and a week later the V2 version come out. A little annoying!


Engine data logging: EDL-1 is best (for EMU Black/Classic/Silver).
Track data logging: ADU USB is best.

ADU is logging everything that EMU sends over the CAN bus.
EMU sends only part of the available parameters over the CAN bus (standard stream).
Sending every available parameter from the EMU to the ADU is not practical.
You can send more parameters from EMU to ADU by using the “User defined CAN stream”.

Why is the EDL-1 best for engine data logging?
EDL logs every channel available in the ECU (the same as logging when connected to a laptop). Files saved on the memory card can be opened directly in EMU software, which is very convenient for changing the tune. This is not possible with logs from ADU.

Why is ADU USB best for the track data logging?
GPS position data can only be logged by ADU. There is no possibility of receiving that in EMU.
ADU has a higher logging frequency and dedicated tools for lap timing.

To log track data, you need ADU USB.
ADU USB can log some of the engine data.
Adding EDL-1 to that system allows full logging of engine data.

I can totally agree, the EDL is the best for data Logging , for track of course the ADU , i use the same setup .