USB Logging only PRO Stuff or other Devices

One Question, can i use one engine data on usb or can i also see gps data on pro? Or 2nd USB Stick over ADU?

Both are possible.

If you log data from GPS on the USB stick connected to EMU PRO you have to call channels (in the project tree) exactly how those are called in the ADU (gps.latitude, gps.longitude, etc.) and then analyse it in the Data Master. You will need to set the starting line manually.

Using ADU to log data from GPS and EMU standard CAN stream is a typical use case. You can have two logging USB sticks: one connected to the ADU and a second to the EMU PRO simultaneously.
Notice: you will NOT be able to analyse data from both pen drives at the same time. In other words, it is not possible to merge data from two files.

So if i put the gps can stream into emu from it works, i don t need start line, we had (with old ecu M800) some enginecuts and i want to know which corner

Hi, Data Master developer here. I’ve tested the GPS data support in EMU PRO log. Unfortunately, as is, the GPS data will not be handled properly in the Data Master software. We plan to release the next version by the end of April, in which we add the support.
For now, there is an workaround - you could make a scatter plot with latitude and longitude - this will draw the track map, and you would be able to corelate the engine data with the position on track:

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Hi Michal, thanks for this Tip. I will try this weekend :star_struck:

Hi Juergen,
as planned, we released a new version with the expanded GPS support: New Data Master Software version 2024.4

If you start a new Circuit project in the Data Master it should work from the start, however you may have to define your ‘@GPS_LATITUDE’ and ‘@GPS_LONGITUDE’ channels in the Tools/Maths Editor (F7):

For more details, you can check the Data Master manual or ask here directly.