EJ20 Ign and Inj phase settings

EJ20 Subaru Injection and Ignition phase settings.
Engine won’t start on any settings.
CAS - 6 tooth
CAM - 7 tooth

Firing order 1324
Coils on plug - wired Coil1 - Cyl1, Coil2 - Cyl2 and etc…
Injectors - wired Inj1 - Cyl1, Inj2 - Cyl2 and etc…

I’ve find that only on ignition offset 3 engine try to grab the fuel. But it won’t start.
Ignition offset 2 - fires in exhaust.
Ignition offset 1 - fires in intake.

More over, some how strobe light showed TDC mark spot on when I set ignition offset to 1.

Any help? I need settings for Ignition and Injector phase.
Thank you.

Files attached in the drive.
Subaru 3G.emub (145.4 KB)



Changed trigger to rising edge, and brupt and first try.

Closed case.