EMU Black Gearbox Inputs

Hi all,

I am developing a standalone automatic transmission controller and am currently looking at torque intervention.

I understand that the EMU black supports a number of gearboxes through CAN, and am interested in using this for my controller. As it stands, I am doing cut and blip requests as digital 0/1 inputs, which works alright but not great, so I would like to get more information on what functions are supported over CANbus.

As I am developing the controller, I can structure the torque intervention strategy however is best suited to the EMU Black, but there is no documentation on what is and isn’t supported currently, so my questions are:

Does the EMU Black support internal engine speed targeting over CAN? (for example, does it support the gearbox requesting a certain engine speed)

Does it support 0-100% cyclical ignition or fuel cut over CAN?

Does it support throttle angle limiting and or additive throttle request over CAN?

And finally, does it support ignition angle retard request over CAN?

I would like more information on the custom coding options, and would need information about which IDs and message contents correspond to which requests. Worst case scenario is that I emulate a DQ250 or ZF6HP which are natively supported, but I would much rather not do that.

Any and all information can be helpful! I appreciate anything I can get!



Alright, I have made a little bit of progress, but still not quite what I am looking for.

I have DBW control via CAN working well, which is great for airflow/slow torque intervention, but I still need a way to precisely command ignition retard or cyclical fuel cut. Ignition retard can be done with table blending, but I would rather not go that route if at all possible, as I am using both tables for knock adaptation blending. For fuel cut, I’m still unsure of how I’m going to manage that.

Ideally all of these functions would be a part of the gearbox can control, but there’s seemingly no information on that integration.

Just a bump…I’ve emailed support a time or so but still no information available.

Since nobody else seems to know, would @ecumaster.cz or @Jadzwin_ECUMASTER be able to help by chance?

Sorry i cant help you with your requests on software development in EMU Black software. We are “only” distributor for Czech and Slovak republic. We also develop some devices, and ended by defining our own CAN data frames to suite our application. Maybe its good to mention, soon there will be FW update to version 3 on Classic and Black. So i would not built anything arround FW 2.xx.

CAN analogue input - use it to retard ignition timing on shift. It is what I am doing in addition to ignition cuts.

No worries, I understand. Thank you regardless!

Hi Peter,

This is what I am currently doing as well, but due to my transmission being a MT, trying to do precise engine speed targeting for rev matching is pretty difficult without quick response. I see the built in rev matching function sets some form of engine speed target, so I was hoping it’s possible to set an engine speed target over CAN for gearbox, but it’s no big deal.