Controlling 6R80 via EMU black

Hello, im in the progress of dooing a swap where i need to control a V8 and a 6R80 transmission. I have some documents on how to acutate the shift solinoids, but i cnat find if i can use the “DSG” shift rpm to trigger a shift? in output programming i can’t tell if the “gear” is the requested or the acual. Im too cheap to spend 1400$ on a us shift and im a automation programmer so it shuld be possible, just unsure where to get the right data

Kind regards Tonny

DSG support in EMU is using CAN bus communication with OEM TCU. There is no direct solenoid control. You also need 6 outputs just for the gearbox control. EMU Black doesn’t have tools flexible enough to make your own gearbox control.

I suggest looking into EMU PRO 8. You will be able to run V8 in full sequence and connect everything from the gearbox at the same time. EMU PRO has a lot more custom tools for creating your own control strategies. If you are good with logic operators, you will be able to create almost anything you want.

Currently, we are busy with direct injection development, but implementing native support for planetary gearboxes is waiting for its turn. We have a test platform with a Toyota A340 gearbox waiting. If you want to work with us in the future, we could add native support for Ford planetary boxes.

That is awsome news, its cheaper to get a pro 8 or 16 than the black and a us shift. I will get the software and see if i can get further with the dev. Do there exsists some software to emulate a car with a EMU? i wuld like to simulate the outputs for the gearbox before adding to the car to not kill a trans :smiley:

EMU needs a physical RPM signal, so there is no software-only solution.

You could buy an automotive signal generator/engine emulator. It generates crankshaft/camshaft signals so that you can test the ECU on the bench.