EMU Black - Ignition Sync on "wrong" TDC

New to EMU… when syncing engine for first time, when adjusting trigger tooth and degrees for sync, what happens if you end up on the ‘wrong’ cycle for TDC? In other software you can add 360 to the number to get you onto the ‘other’ cycle…

What is the method with EMU Black?

I just had a look at EMU Pro software, and they have an “invert engine phase” which sounds like what I am after, but just for the EMU Black…

read page 13-15
you need timing light, assistant, and access to camshaft gears.

Output Offset - Ignition/Ignition Outputs - makes shift of ignition sequence.
for simple example:
1-3-4-2 ign sequence when Output Offset = 0
3-4-2-1 Output Offset = 1
4-2-1-3 Output Offset = 2

read doc, this situation is pretty well described