Mazda 13BREW with EMU black


I am using the EMU black on a Mazda RX7 with 13BREW rotary engine.
I’m having an issue with the trailing ignition coil outputs.

When in idle the coil for rotor 2 fires when it should fire rotor 1 and above 3000rpm it changes to be correct.
Did anybody else experience something like that or has any idea how that could happen?
Currently I’m running the engine on leading plugs only and that is working ok.

Thanks for any input,


What trigger do you use?

36-1 missing tooth with hall sensor. The trigger kit is from full function engineering. The scope looks good. What concerns me is that the behavior changing with rpm.

Here my trigger settings. The hall sensor has internal pullup to 12V.
The 2 leading plugs are set up as wasted spark and for the engine settings it’s set up as a 4 cylinder with 5200cc injectors to squirt twice, but also I am having issues with the injection angle. If I turn it on to work from the table the engine won’t run.
it only runs if it’s set to start at ignition event. Is there a better way to set up the EMU for a rotary?
Currently I turned off the trailing plugs. Just validated it once more around 3500 rpm the emu will switch the outputs for the 2 trailing plugs.
I would appreciate any idea of what’s happening there and how to fix it.