EMU Black v2.169 RC1 no connection with USB Driver for Windows 11 ARM


I switched from an Intel Apple MacBook to an ARM Apple MacBook running Parallels Desktop virtualization software with Windows 11. This worked fine on the Intel MacBook with client version 2.168. Now I have problems on the ARM MacBook connecting to the EMU Black with client version 2.169 RC1.

I manually installed the FTDI D2XX driver v2.12.36.4A – as per instructions for this scenario – which should work on Windows 11 ARM running on an ARM Mac with Parallels Desktop.

After installation the Windows Device Manager shows an USB Controller | USB Serial Converter and a Ports (COM & LPT) | USB Serial Port (COM3), which should be ok.

Windows Settings shows Bluetooth and Devices | Other devices | ECUMASTER EMU BLACK.

The EMU Black Client does not connect to the EMU Black though.

Screenshot of the scenario:

We know about the issue. Currently, there is no workaround.
We will try to investigate the issue, but it is not a high priority right now.
There might be some issues related to the different CPU architecture that we cannot work around, and there is a possibility we won’t be able to make it work at all.


I posted the issue in the Parallels Desktop forum. Will report back if there is insight.

FTDI blames Parallels for the issue. I opened a ticket with Parallels support.

Parallels came back with some suggestions:

  • Installing the driver with Disable driver signature enforcement
  • Running the software client with emulation settings to Strict Execution

Both suggestions did not work.

It looks like the EMU Black connects to Windows but the software client can’t see the hardware.