EMU Black V3 - Control two banks

I am currently trying to decide which ECU to get and had decided not to go for EMU Black, because it cannot control the air/fuel of both banks on a V8, but only monitor the second bank with the Lambda to CAN module.

But then I learned about the V3 firmware.

Can someone confirm that it’s possible with V3?

Because I’m not planning on running the car until this summer, so I would assume V3 would be out by then, and then I could actually go for EMU Black as I had hoped for.

Would love to have that functionality for my H6 engines!!!
Currently planning to use Lambda to CAN for the second header to get monitoring.

Headers in flat-sixes are equal length, lengthy and both finish into single muffler.
No way to have a single O2 sensor for auto tuning / corrections in that configuration of engine.
Same story I expect on a nicely done V8 engine - no way to have single O2 sensor for both banks combined, especially H/X-pipe won’t work for O2 sensor anyway.


We are seriously consider to implement it in V3 software


i think a lot of oem ecus simply take an average of both sides for closed loop etc. So implimenting an average lambda channel and allowing this option for the autotune and ego would be a great start.

That would be great. Current “solution” is to make injector trims to the other bank, so lambda/egt is nearly equal to the bank1.