EMU Pro and Dual H-Bridge wiring of CAN bus

What is the correct way to wire, use and configure Pro and Dual H-Bridge?

Pro has a separate CAN bus for configuration (USBtoCAN connectivity with PC).

I expect this should be used for this purpose only?

Dual H-Bridge is configured via the Light client, right? There is no secondary CAN bus as in Pro, so the same bus would be used to configure and send/receive CAN messages.

My guess (couse I haven’t found that in docs) is that H-Bridge should be connected to the secondary Pro CAN bus for the purpose of getting parameters from Pro/sensors over CAN AND at the same time for configuration via USBtoCAN, plugged in to the 2nd CAN bus this time.

Is this correct?

Or maybe it’s possible to wire the Dual H-Bridge to the secondary (Pro) CAN bus BUT configure it via the primary CAN bus used for configuring Pro (sth like master and slave setup, where master (Pro) relays config messages to the 2nd CAN bus and H-bridge receives them)?

Many thanks for clarification.

It just depends on you.
If you connect to can1 of emu pro you will be able to configure emu pro and h-bridge in the same time.
If you connect to can2, to configure h-bridge you need to reconnecr usb to can to can2

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And to use CAN communication between sensors/pro and h-bridge it has to be on CAN 2, right?

Therefore it seems there is only one way of wiring (h-bridge in CAN 2) and to configure it the USBtoCAN needs to be wired there as well.

You can use CAN 1 for any device using 1mbps baud rate. I have wired cars with 1 CAN bus for all devices (ADU, PMU, ECU, LambdaCAN etc) except for the Blink marine keypad that only did 500kpbs. So that got its own bus to the PMU.

You can select to what CAN messages are sent