EWG strategy EMU black

Hi there,

I cannot seem to find any info regarding the Boost control-EWG strategy.

So far ive figured out that H-bridge 2 is used for this and have it somewhat working now.

My problem is that I cannot figure out what the tables do exactly. And if 100% on the position sensor should mean fully closed or fully open.

Can someone explain how the EWG strategy is supposed to work please?


EWG SW is a bit confusing.
i can try to explain EWG with example of my setup.
I am useing a EWG which is normally closed with no Voltage (so max boost is present) with followings settings:

There 0% EWG position means closed, but also means 100% boost DC.
100% EWG position means fully open and 0% boost DC.
So EWG position is inverted to boost DC. Ur boost PID and base DC tables are still boost DC%, not EWG position.
In my setup sensor min Voltage is equal to fully closed position = DC 100% = pos 0%.
Sensor max Voltage = DC 0% = pos 100%
U need to play a bit with the directions of motor and position sensor.
best thing is if u go in idle…set min MAP of boost control to close to 0, disable PID and corrections and the u can set target DC via ref DC table. In this constellation u can play and figur out the right settings/directions for ur system.
For my system i let EWG base DC as 0. A well tuned PID is doing all there.
I would suggest very low parameters if u didn’t tune the position PID yet, since it can really destroy the system. From my expirience tuning it in idle is enough.
Boost controler PID just makes sense to tune after Pos PID is tuned.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I think I’ve figured it out mostly by trying and your reply is giving my e few more insights.

I configured the position sensor to be fully closed at 100% because off boost it is always targeting 100%. It is working, however I think if I invert the boost DC ref table (if I understand correctly the Boost DC ref table is basicly the position target table but inverted) so put 100 in the table when off/trying to get on boost I should be able to target 0% as being fully closed.

I also just figured out the Solenoin min/max DC settings schould be 0 and 100% since it is basicly opening the wastegate 10% (de min setting is 10%) as soon as boost control is active.

Its all a bit dificult to figure out since it is all based on the pneumatic boost control strategy with very little documentation but we will figure it out!

(ps, yes my turbo is too big and my wastegate too small)