GPS track acquisition

Hi, I need few clarifications about how the GPS module acquire and save tracks.

So as it’s stated in the manual there are 3 ways to acquire tracks.

Default tracks that are recognized automatically

5 user defined tracks that are saved on the project, which I can see and manage.

Tracks that are acquired with the buttondefinedtrack function.
My question is about these tracks, where are they saved? How many of them can the memory store? When I generate a new one, will the old one be deleted?

I’d really appreciate some help


This stats in memory until you go to another track i believe this override stored on memory and when you back on track you have to press button again.

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There can be only one ButtonDefinedTrack. When you define the new one, the previous one is gone.

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when I press the button defined track start/finish trigger button once to start and a second time to cancel, is that supposed to clear out the local ‘user track’ as well?
I try to use the user track for clock wise, and button defined track for the counter clock wise timing.
The deletion of the laptime for the local user track is intended, or is it another bug?