Track Best time deleted... again

What can make my previous laptime data disappear (top 8)? AGAIN… What is the expected behaviour of the Reset Track Data button, when i’m not close to ANY tracks?

Any way to manually save or restore this information in the future? This is one of the main reason for me to use ADU, and this is the 2nd time now, that my data is deleted. This was a user track btw.

What is the expected behaviour of user tracks, when you uncheck and recheck a track with the same data? (I did not touch the deleted user track, so it’s not the reason for my issue)


Do you mean user track defined by button?
Did you press the reset track button off the track?

i mean the 5 user tracks defined in the software.
the button was disconnected from adu, so it might registered a long button press (I set 15 sec+)
is that expected, that when you are away from a track, all your track data is deleted? from every track?
before the delete, I used a track defined by button.
When I went to my custom track, it registered the track name and length, but all my laptimes were deleted

the button defined trqck reset automaticqlly track data.
We will check it as it seems there is somw logic issue.
The data shouldnt be reset if you are outside the track.