GPS V2 + EMU Black GPS speed source

Hello, can you give me a hand, how to setup VSS source in BLACK, as GPS speed from V2 module?
I saw on facebook page, thas several people have also this issue, but no clear guide how to…

Car has BLACK, ADU and V2 module. Latest test firmwares. Adu showing speed correctly, ecu not.
I tried some can export from ADU to Black and used def strem on other end., but there im unsure of exact settings, so not tested yet.



Hello Kraig!

You need to change the base CAN ID in the GPS module. Please use the Light Client software and configure it to either 0x646 or 0x648. After making this adjustment, be sure to select the corresponding CAN ID in the EMU BLACK.

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I don’t have the CANtoUSB device so I couldn’t use light client to change the address.
I used GPS Speed as my input and used the EMUBLack software to create a User Defined CAN stream.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 163711