Injector in boost piping?


can someone explain me where this injector after the turbo is used for?
is it for extra cooling or only for extra fuel or both?
and how can this be controlled with a emu black?
if you use the PWM table to control it there is to much fuel and the PID fuel corrections dont have a big enough range to correct it i should expect.

It is most likely a water/methanol injection, which is used for cooling,extra fuel and octane boost. Depending on the details u can use it with emu via staged injection feature

we injecting ethanol under wot. so you can run normal pump and just push it with an ethanol mixture once you need it. or maybe on a map switch.

oke, but than i only use 1 injector instead of 4.
in the table i have to put the procentage value that the staged injection have to take it over from the normal injectors right?
but does that matter that ist only 1 injector and that its so far away from the intake?
can i get lean spots than?

the orange car use E85 fuel indeed.
will it also work with 98octane fuel? or doesnt it make sense with normal fuel?
if i go use it i will use it with 1.25bar boost or higher.

is that pure ethanol that you run? or e85?

pure! the mixture comes with the ammount :slight_smile: yeah normaly i put them in front of the intake

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so to be clear.
1 injector in front of the throttlebodie?
do you also use the staged injection to control it?
seprate tank with ethanol with its own fuelpump??

i did not used it with emu yet. just another free programmable ecu i wont mention here :smiley: yes seperate tank and pump

maybe i become anoying for you with al this questions haha

do you want to share the injector size and fuel pressure that you been using

that depends on the injector size you are running at the moment and the mixture you want to run. should be logic. if you are at 1000cc maxed out and you want e85 mix it will be a big injectos. :slight_smile: