M60b40 bmw v8 wiring

Has any one made a wiring in a engine like this, need help

What are your questions? :sweat_smile:


There is an adapter that has the basic set-up available.

M60 Plug and Play Harness adapter

I purchased this as well as my ECUMaster Black for my project.

I am not sure where you can buy this locally to you, but you need to specify the wideband output (either LSU4.2 or 4.9) If you are replacing the OEM narrowband sensors (near the rear of the gearbox) you will also need a Lambda to CAN adapter to run the 2nd Wideband sensor.

I still have to do this myself and wire it in.

Now the other part, there is a base map available on the website for the M60B40 … but it seems incomplete as my car doesn’t start or run on the map that I had to download (as my ECU Black came with no map).

So of course I am now slowly working my way through building a base map to get it to run.
Such a shame that the base map on the website doesn’t work.

Hope that you are able to find the harness adapter somewhere local to you.

Let us know here how you go with it all.

Good Luck!