Mercedes V8 - M113

I have an order for the installation of Emu black. Does anyone have a base map?

I once connected a C32AMG V6 and in this model I added 3x ignition module to handle 12 spark plugs.

What methods do you have to control 16 spark plugs in Black? The owner wants them all to work.

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This isn’t some mega-complicated engine, but unfortunately, it requires a complex wiring harness for all the coils to work, which is necessary because otherwise, the engine does not operate as it should, especially under load. This engine, to work with EMU Black, needs external ignition modules installed to control up to 16 passive coils. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the coils can only work in wasted spark mode, because the computer simply has only 6 ignition outputs.

Unfortunately, the coils have to be connected in groups of four to one output through the ignition modules.

Ok, so as I thought, and as we did it in the C32 AMG V6

There we made 3 ignition modules with 4 outputs for passive coils each. A total of 3 modules supported 12 spark plugs.

I thought maybe there was another way, because I saw some threads on the FB group, but I wanted to make sure.


I’m building custom ignition modules for M113 using proper IGBT transistors that can drive the coils at maximum dwell without overheating etc. I’ve tested quite a few options - VAG modules (211 Bosch or Hitachi OE VW) and they seem to work fine if connected properly, but they need a radiator for boosted applications as they can overheat and disable itself quickly on hotter day. New ones are not cheap today, plus 8 connectors, radiator etc. And still its not as capable as custom made module. I also used four 2x2 Bosch coils driven from Black directly on 5.5 N/A and it worked fine, but needed lots of dwell on lower rpm or it stuttered, but for boosted application I’m not sure that Black ignition drive will handle the constant high current from two coils on high rpm so they would also need a module…

Good morning, I need some information, I’m working on a 113 engine, do you use the flywheel tigger whell?

Yes. Im using stock trigger wheel but with M156 Hall effect sensor which works much better with EMU, especially during cranking. Its a direct replacement, just needs additional +12V supply and connector change to Bosch Compact 3pin.

Thank you very kindly for the reply, since I’m still in the planning phase and they haven’t brought me the engine yet, I tried to do some research, is it a 60 tooth -2?

Yes. I’m using first trigger tooth 3 and trigger angle 42. But that might vary slightly so use strobe lamp to verify that 0 is 0.

Good morning, thanks for your reply, reading your post I was thinking of trying with the Bosch 2x2 modules with a large dissipation plate, the engine will be mounted on a class G for demonstration road use without racing or performance purposes, I read If you have already tried these modules, can you suggest which Dwell to use?
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